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First Night on the Town part 2 (new and improved)

Page 9:

Panel One: A shot of the alley. We see Sydney with an awaken Bear. Bear is nursing a headache. At the other end we see Davy-san standing over a battered The Protector. Sydney is pulling at the whip around Davy-san's wrist and saying, "I said, Enough David."

Davy-san pulling at the whip says, "No, this tight attacked Bear and I'm going to make him pay."

Sydney, "Not a good idea, look at his chest."

Davy-san, "It's a bird, so what?"

Sydney, "It the Dove."

Davy-san, "$*!@"
Caption: "Great. My father is saving me."

Panel Two: A shot of the alley. The van is speeding away, thru the back window we see the kid is bound and gagged. The Protector is lying in trash barely conscious.
Caption: "Some hero I..."

Panel Three: Pitch black. A voice, "Hey, pal wake up."
Caption: "Great. Someone was watching."

Panel Four: From The Protector's POV we see a man wearing light blue leather outfit sitting on a motorcycle. The man has a golden staff aimed towards The Protector and asking, "Where's the boy?"
Caption: "Who's this guy? And why do I feel like I have a gun in my face?"

Panel Five: A shot of The Protector standing up facing the man, his back pressed against the alley wall. The mystery man is leaning back on his motorcycle still pointing the staff at The Protector. The Protector is asking, "Who are you?" And thinking, And why do I feel invigorated?

The Mystery Man, "No questions. Where's the boy?"

The Protector, "Sorry Mr. Jackson, I don't to matchmaking."

The Mystery Man, "No jokes. Tell me now."
Caption in the bottom right corner: "Oh, I think I just figured it out."

Panel Six:
A shot of The Protector bent over clutching his chest, and shaking. The Mystery Man is standing over him with a solemn look on his face.
The Protector, "I... Don't... Know..."

The Mystery Man, "See, wasn't that hard. Now go home. This is man's work."
Caption: "I hate being right."

Panel Seven: A shot of the alley. The Mystery Man is riding off. The Protector is climbing up the fire escape.
Caption: "Glad to see someone on patrol. Funny that I've never even heard about him thou."

Page 10:

Panel One: A shot of Virgil, in his uniform, sitting on the ledge of a building overlooking the city. His mask is in his hands. His shield is lying next to him. We can see his blood on the mask, but his face shows no sign of the beaten he received.
Caption: "I shouldn't be a hero. Sorry Vic, but you wasted your life on a nobody."

Panel Two: A shot of The Protector leaping off the roof to the building below. His shield is strapped to his back.
Caption: "I'm going home and try to forget this bad idea."

Panel Three: A shot of The Protector running across a rooftop. Click "Freeze."
Caption: "Great. The Police. How can this get any worse?"

Panel Four: A shot of the rooftop. The Protector is obviously shaken, with his hands raised in the air. The speaker is a man wearing a black paintball mask and a bodysuit with guns strapped on parts of his body. The man is pointing two large Uzis at The Protector. The Protector is asking, "G-G-Gunner?! How did you get out of "The Can"?"
Caption: "I had to ask."

Page 11:

Panel One: A close-up of Gunner. Gunner has taken his mask off. He's a man in his late teens/early twenties with a scar over his right eye and a military style haircut. Gunner, "Dad didn't. I'm the new and improved model. Bye"
Caption: "Good, its only Billy. With GUNS"

Panel Two: A shot of the rooftop. We see ghost images of The Protector flipping around avoiding gunfire, before landing behind the roof entrance. The bullets are digging into the roof, sending up chunks of concrete and dust.
Caption: "I need to stop him out before he hurts someone, with those things. Time to test the shield"

Panel Three: A shot of the rooftop. The Protector has leaped in front of Gunner, with his shield held out in front of him. Gunner has a smug look on his face and is firing away. The bullets are bouncing off the shield.
Caption: "OK. He has two Uzis with the max of 50 cartilages each. He has two Glock 31's with the max of 17 each. And the Luger P.08 strapped to his hip with a max of 8. I'll have to plan this right."

Panel Four: A shot of Gunner firing away at The Protector with his Glocks, the Uzis dropped at his feet. The Protector is jumping around avoiding/blocking gunfire. Despite the amount of bullets bouncing off it, the shield shows no sign of damage.
Caption: "Good. Two down, three to go."

Panel Five: A shot of the rooftop. Gunner is throwing down the Glocks. The Protector is rushing towards him, his shield at his side.
Caption: "It's now or never."

Panel Six: A close-up of Gunner with the Luger pressed against The Protector's throat. Gunner says with a smirk, "Always wanted to kill a tight."

The Protector thinking, This didn't go so well. Billy's biggest weakness was always his ego. I have to play to that. Says, "Do I look like a lawyer to you, bullets for brains? Or are you afraid you'll miss."

Panel Seven: Gunner is standing ten feet away from The Protector, the gun now aimed at The Protector's chest.

Gunner, "Big mouth for a dead man, but I'll show you.."

Page 12:

Panel One: A shot of the rooftop. A look of surprise on Gunner's face as The Protector kicks the gun from his hand. The gun harmlessly fires into the floor as it falls. The Protector slyly remarks, "Ah, a misfire? You may want to talk to your doctor about that."
Caption: "Good, keep him unbalanced."

Panel Two: A shot of The Protector flipping Gunner onto the ground. The Protector, "Maybe you just need some bed rest." Gunner lets out a groan as he hits the ground.
Caption: "I need to work on my material."

Panel Three: A shot of The Protector firing a tangle net from his shield to a dazed Gunner. "Always wanted to trap a triggerman."
"I really need to work on my material. At least the shield works."

Panel Four: A shot of The Protector dragging a struggling Gunner across the roof.
Caption: "Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea."

Panel Five: A shot of an alleyway facing towards a fire escape. We see ghost images of Gunner, still in the tangle net, bouncing down the fire escape before landing into the trash. At the top of the fire escape we can barely see The Protector who shouts down, "If anyone asks, you were caught by The Protector."
Caption: "That's for Ursula, you bullet crazed buffoon."

Page 13:

Panel One: A shot of The Protector reaching for the guns.
Caption: "I can't leave these here, but do I have to touch them?"

Panel Two:
A shot of The Protector hunched over shaking in fear. His hands clenched tightly on a gun.
Caption: "Queenie..."

Panel Three: A shot of a teenage girl with short purple hair, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She's swinging a tire iron at a man in his late forties/early fifty dressed like Gunner, shouting "Batter up, bullets for brains."
Caption: "Gquen was always a fighter."

Panel Four: Another shot of the girl. This time she's lying on the street dead, a wound in her chest. Gunner is standing over her with a smoking shotgun.
Caption: "Unfortunately she found the one fight she couldn't win. I wish it wasn't for me."

Page 14:

Panel One: A shot of The Protector with Glocks broken down to their smallest parts.

Caption: "Two down, three to go."

Panel Two: Another shot of The Protector, this time with one of the Uzis in his hands. He's again shaking in fear, with an iron grip on the gun.
Caption: "Mom..."

Panel Three: A shot of a female police officer firing away at two women dressed in twin emerald green bodysuits who are jumping all over the street.
Caption: "Mom is always one to face a problem head on."

Panel Four: A shot of the female police officer leaning against a police car beaten and bloody.
Caption: "Mom fought hard, harder than most would have. Harder than I did."

Page 15:

Panel One: A shot of The Protector with the Luger in his hands. He’s again shaking in fear. At his feet are the Uzis broken down to their smallest parts mixed with the Glocks parts.
Caption: “I was a fool.”

Panel Two: A shot of a younger Virgil hiding in an alleyway watching Gquen swinging at Gunner and his mom shooting at the Emerald Twins. He’s covered in blood. He's hand on a trashcan lid.

Caption: “Up till now, I had only faced thugs and drug dealers. This was the first time I had ever come face to face with a supervillain and I was scared.”

Panel Three: A shot of a dying The Victor talking to the younger Virgil.

Caption: “But The Victor’s dying words helped me found my spine. Even near death, he wanted those around him taken care of.”

Panel Four: A shot of the younger Virgil throwing a trashcan lid at the Emerald Twins.

Caption: “I decided to fight.”

Panel Five: A shot Gunner firing at the younger Virgil. Virgil is throwing the trashcan lid at him. He’s also throwing himself between his mom and the hitman. Lying near his mom are the Emerald Twins unconscious.

Caption: “Gunner tried to take out my mom, but I throw myself in front of the gun blast.”

Panel Six: A shot of the younger Virgil trying to wakeup an unconscious Gquen. Both are soaked in blood. Sirens are blaring round them.

Caption: “I decided to fight too late.”

Page 16:

Panel One: A shot of The Protector looking down at Luger broken down and added to the heap of gun parts.

Caption: “Why do I always decide to fight too late?”

Panel Two: A shot of The Protector with a look of horror on his masked face, as he looks over the rooftop.

Caption: "Wait. Why was he up here in the first place?"

Panel Three: A shot of the roof from The Protector's prospective. In a corner we see a sniper rifle with a black duffel bag beside it.
Caption: "Oh, no. Please tell I wasn't too late."

Panel Four: A shot of The Protector lying down looking thru the sniper scope. We see the duffel bag opened and the gun parts inside. The Protector is saying, "What the..."

Panel Five:
We see from The Protector's prospective a black gargoyle flying towards him, screaming, "Assassin!"

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