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The W.H.O. Issue #1: First Night on the Town part 1

Page 1:
Panel One: A shot a man, late teens/early twenties, sitting on a hammock, covered in sweat. The man is fairly fit with a four pack abs. His forearms and forelegs being the most developed. His head is down and his long black hair covers his face. His knuckles are almost white from the grip he has on the hammock. The hammock hangs in front of a door way about four feet off the ground.
Caption: "Always the same nightmare. Always the same memory."

Panel Two: A shot of the room from the man's point of view. The room is about 14 feet by 12 feet big and the only light is from the window on the left side of the room. Straight ahead is big desk with a computer on it and a single picture frame. Behind the desk is a window with a fire escape blocking the view of the street. To the left of the window is filling cabinet with a coffeepot on it. Above the desk, in the right corner, is a TV hanging from the wall. In the left corner of the room at an angle is couch with a blanket across it. From the side window, we can see the city as the moonlight spills into the room.

To the man's immediate right is a dresser with a huge picture hanging above it. The dresser is covered with cans of food and cereal boxes. To the man's immediate left is a small cubby divided into six sections with shoes in it. Three of the sections have men's shoes and two of the sections have little boys shoes in them. A little further to his left is a bookcase filled with textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries.

Page 2:
Panel One: A close up of the couch.
Caption: "Good thing Mom took Henri for the weekend. Last thing I need is to keep him up with my nightmares."

Panel Two: A shot of the man from behind. He's leaning on the dresser staring at the picture above it. The picture is of the man, a little boy with tanned skin and black hair, and a woman in her late thirties/early forties sitting at table. Behind the three is a banner that reads: Welcome Home Virgil.
Caption: "No more putting it off."

Panel Three: A shot of the man shoving the dresser towards the door.
Caption: "Hope this works."

Panel Four: A wide shot of the dresser, undamaged, in front of the door and the area where it used to be. Coming from the back of the dresser is a rope attached to the wall. On the carpet we see wheel marks from where the dresser used to be to where it is now. In the floor of area where the dresser used to be is a small safe.
Caption: "Good, it does."

Page 3:
Panel One: A closeup of the lower half of the picture frame. The man's right hand is reaching behind it. Near his thumb, on the frame in very small letters, are the words Familia Primus*.
Footnote: Family First

Panel Two: A shot of the man holding a key in his right hand.
"Found it."

Panel Three: A shot of the safe from over the man's left shoulder. The safe is a newer model with a thumb scanner on the handle, and an electronic keypad and lock on the face.

Panel Four: A shot of the man, now crouched in front of the safe, turning the key with his right hand and opening the safe with his left. On the keypad the numbers 1,2,4, and 0 are lite up.

Panel Five: A shot of the inside of the case. There is a bundle of blue clothes covering a round metal object.

Page 4:
Panel One: Closeup of the man putting on dark blue pants.
"Time for"

Panel Two: Closeup of the man putting on dark blue leather gloves.
Caption: "the world"

Panel Three:
Closeup of the man putting on dark blue ninja boots.
Caption: "to meet"

Panel Four:
Closeup of the man putting on a dark blue shirt. The figure of a white dove is across the chest. The wings stretching to the back.
Caption: "The Protector."

Page 5:

Panel One: A shot of The Protector's right hand flipping over the picture frame. Something reflects off the back.

Panel Two: A shot of The Protector staring confusingly into the mirror on the back of the picture frame. His black hair flowing over his shoulders.
Caption: "Something's not right. Why am I seeing my hair?"

Panel Three: A shot of an embarrassed look on The Protector's face.
Caption: "You forgot the mask, Virgil.

Panel Four: A shot of Virgil's bareback. His hair is put up in a pony tail with the tip taped between his shoulder blades.
Caption: "Can't believe I forgot the mask. Bet The Victor never would have."

Panel Five: A shot of Virgil putting the shirt back on.
Caption: "How can I be a symbol of peace and justice, if I'm making mistakes before I'm even out on patrol?"

Panel Six: A shot of The Protector pulling the round object out of the safe. We see now that it is a shield with the figure of a dove in the center with its wings spread wide, the tips touching the sides. Just under where the shield used to be are rows of black notebooks spines facing up with the letters on them.
Caption: "Guess I'm going to have to believe in what Teach taught me. 'Bluff, luck, and raw talent when you have it'."

Page 6:
Full page: A shot of The Protector diving headfirst from the fire escape to the buildings below. The shield strapped to his back. We now see that the mask is dark blue with no features save two big silver eye lens.
Caption: "Watch out New York, here I come."

Page 7:
Panel One: A shot of The Protector perched on a chimney on top of an apartment building with several ghost images of him running, flipping, and leaping leading up to where he is.
Captions over the ghosts: "The uniform fits well enough." "It lets me move around," "and I don't even feel the armor."
Caption over Protector: "So where to start?"

Panel Two:
A shot of The Protector leaping off the chimney. Off screen someone screams, "Get away from me! HELP!! Somebody HELP!!"
Caption: "Got to love this city. Time to be a Hero."

Panel Three: A shot of The Protector perched on top of a building looking down into an alleyway. Down below are three men standing around a van. The biggest of three is trying to throw a kid into the back of the van. The kid isn't being so cooperative.
"Hold on kid, help's on the way."

Panel Four: A shot of The Protector moving the shield onto his right forearm.
Caption: "I'm going to have to take out the big guy, if I'll have any chance at rescuing the kid."

Panel Five: A shot of The Protector diving shield first off the building. His left hand bracing his right arm for the impact.
Caption: "This is going to hurt. A LOT."

Panel Six:
A shot of The Protector slamming in the big guy's back shield first. The big guy is a mountain of muscles with a crew cut in his late teens/early twenties and is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The kid goes flying from the big guy's arms towards the van.
"I hate being right."

Page 8:
Panel One: A shot of the alley. A stunned The Protector is wandering around in a circle. The big guy is lying face down on the floor. One of his partners, a man in loose fitting clothes, stands ready to pounce, a look of anger across his face. His other partner, a man in a brown vest and khakis with a worried look on his face, is crunched over the big guy nudging him. Partner number two, "Bear? Bear? Are you alright?"

Panel Two: A shot of The Protector standing straight up staring at the would be kidnappers, partner one on the left; Bear in the middle, on the ground still unconscious; and partner two still trying to wake him up, on the right.
Captions over the kidnappers, running from the left: "Davy-san, youngest brother" "Bear, middle child" "Sydney, the oldest of the Tones Brothers"
Caption by The Protector: "My old crew, the Sons of Crime. All we need now is Billy, and whole gang would be here."

Panel Three: A shot of Davy-san hitting The Protector with a leaping knee to the jaw. The Protector is falling back towards the trash cans that line the back of the alley.
Caption: "I shouldn't be a hero."

Panel Four: A shot of Davy-san punching The Protector with a right to the jaw. The Protector's head is throw to the side. We can see traces of blood on his mask.
Caption: "I used to lead these guys. If Sydney couldn't stay legit, what hope do I have?"

Panel Five: A shot of a whip around Davy-san wrist. Off screen we hear, "Enough!!"
Caption: "What? The fight get too boring?"

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